Cycling the morning sun smile

Hurra, wir brechen aus. Ab nach Osten!


Cycling through the North
After meeting more and more nice people from the north (Denmark and northern Germany) lately and repeatedly hearing about projects which seemed to be great, I decided that I had enough reasons to go there and have a closer look at the region and its habitants. As cars annoy me more and more, I chose…


Frosty Troll Search in northern Scandinavia

End of December 2015, we started our long dreamed trip to the frozen north of Europe


On the Way to Portugal
Scandinavia & the Baltics

Since I’ve been already near the (german) coast of the North Sea in end of february, I just started spontaneously cycling to lapland. Fortunately the willpower was able to compensate for my poor equipment.


Winter journey to Marocco
Sorry, this entry is only available in German. The content is shown in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Nach längeren Reisen durch Südamerika (2007/08), Kanada (2010) per Bus, Motorrad oder als Tramper und mehreren Wandertouren in Europa bekam ich im Jahr 2013 wieder einmal Fernweh und spürte den…


Alps Zig-Zag

I didn’t really think about a destination, but I was sure to cycle to the mountains!


Indian No-Budget Odyssey

Actually a cycling trip was never planned, but instead of taking the return flight, I counted roughly over my finances, bought a cheap chinese mountain bike, strapped the luggage on it and took the great opportunity to discover the worlds beauty in a way thats only accessible when the money is gone.



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Geschriebenes, Geschichten und Märchen, alles was uns einfällt. Momente in Bildern, holprige Impressionen Farben und Worte.

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