The immense and increasingly amount of data of the Internet needs a lot of resources. And furthermore it’s possible to access all that data all the time, incredible! For everything you are reading or watching, a computer needs to be powered on somewhere to store and provide the data. And always computers have to run somewhere, in case someone somewhere wants to read or watch something. Crazy, isn’t it?

Most shit that swims around the World Wide Web has no particular benefit to justify the waste of resources. Exactly the same applies to this website! It’s just cycling stories and shit!

Although we are somehow aware of the destruction of our world and the emissions caused by the Internet. But still we would like to keep this site. In order to keep our karma and consciousness positive, and to avoid the complete possible destruction of our world, even in respect of future generations, the server is powered 100% without nuclear power! It is certified as a nuclear power Free Server and is powered by Greenpeace Energy.

Ha ha, we are ashamed. So far, Movies (relatively large amount of data) are hosted on third party servers and the electricity may not be free of nuclear power.