Stovecan, Blowpipe and the universal metal plate


Fuel stove, gas cans, fire immediately and without smoke, the fuel handy in the panniers!? For sure, the advantages of fossil fuels are obvious but a bike journey will be more charming if petroleum is disclaimed. Fire is beautiful, as well to watch the flames and the smoke covers the whole hygienic grievances of a several weeks long journey.

Often we faced the problem to place the pot above the flames in a comfortable way, or to find a dry spot for the fire. A tin can makes life easier! With a few small stones placed under the can, we never set a wooden floor into fire. And in forests the fire is much better under control.

The basic material can be found in almost every restaurant dustbin. A tin can with 15 cm in diameter. The necessary tools are a plier and a small rock. Yes really the last one was built in candlelight only with these tools!

Some previous attempts had holes in the ground for more oxygen. But in my opinion the stoves without these holes are better. The ember can be kept better and the fire cannot light flammable surfaces.

A single stove lasts 200 times until it breaks somewhere, and even then it can still be used.


If the stovecan is used, the wood will burn better than between stones. Nevertheless, the ventilation is not sufficient. Therefore the ultimate Blowpipe is the best choice! The oxygen can be blown directly to the appropriate places in the fire. It’s quite comfortable, with some distance to the fire. You can be lazy and won’t have to move.

About as long as a forearm, undefined few centimeters in diameter, and preferably made of light metal, yes this is a blowpipe. When blowing, the mouth needs some centimeters distance to the pipe, try it out.

Ours, we found once on the roadside and it revolutionized our comfort!

Do you have ever been traveling in India? You already know it, a blowpipe is not our own invention.

Universal metal plate

A real luxury with unlimited possibilities. It protects the fire from wind. It protects the forest from the fire. It protects us, that someone uncomfortable recognizes the fire. It serves as a laundry dryer or firewood dryer.

Super suitable (and less than one euro) are offset printing plates made of aluminum from the scrap yard. When the plate has holes on the one side, it can be fixed the ground and won’t fly away. Otherwise you can ‘drill’ a hole in seconds with a tent peg because it’s crappy aluminum. Fortunately, life is always so easy.


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Stovecan, Blowpipe and the universal metal plate