Frosty Troll Search in northern Scandinavia

  • When: Ab Ende Dezember 2015 in Trelleborg
  • How long: Ungefähr zehn Wochen
  • Distance: 4600 km
  • Housing and dwelling: Bruchbuden, Biwak, Tarp und Zelt

If the cold weather mask is pressed in the correct shape in evening, that solid frozen thing will fit well the next morning over the head. Yes, the world is simple …

End of December 2015, we started our long dreamed trip to the frozen north of Europe. We wanted to experience a real winter in all its frosty force. And, of course, to experience ourselves as well.

Started in southern Sweden, we rode together ten weeks through the icy world.

During the first part of the journey, we headed north through the dry cold Swedish inland to Lapland.
Then a pass catapulted us in the harsh cold, wet and stubborn climate of the Norwegian Atlantic coast. We followed zickzacked the cloud covered sun towards Oslo.
The last days led us across Denmark.

We slept mostly outdoors. Actually often in old barns or abandoned ramshackle huts. But some nights we slept under the stars or the Tarp. Just once we used the tent, however it was really necessary that night!

We used 26″ mountain bikes with wide studded tires.


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Frosty Troll Search in northern Scandinavia