Cycling through the North

  • When: summer 2015
  • How long: 2 months
  • Distance: about 1000?
  • Housing and dwelling: friends, collectives and bewelcome
  • made a drawn travel-diary

After meeting more and more nice people from the north (Denmark and northern Germany) lately and repeatedly hearing about projects which seemed to be great, I decided that I had enough reasons to go there and have a closer look at the region and its habitants. As cars annoy me more and more, I chose the bicycle as my mean of transport.

I had chosen some fixed stops, friends and collectives, that I wanted to visit. If the distance in between these stops was to far, I organized myself some extra hosts via BeWelcome. So I travelled without tnat an dcooking equipment, with light luggage.

I made lots of drawings and a book from them in the end:


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Cycling through the North